Transportation Made Easy: A Guide to Getting Around New York City

Getting around the Big Apple can often seem confusing, however the Library Hotel Collection is happy to assist you whether you’re traveling from the airport or to a Broadway show! There are many different transportation options available. Our front desk agents are very helpful in recommending the best route for you, and the best method of transportation to your destination.

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10 reasons why Hotel Giraffe is a perfect fit for your family

When travelling with the family, you want to plan a trip that is fun and easy for everyone!  And since you already know what do to when visiting NYC with your family,  we want to help you decide where to stay.  At Hotel Giraffe, you’ll find a multitude of features to make family travel a pleasure, which is why we won the Citysearch Best of New York ‘Best Family Friendly Hotel’ award!

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American Bed Sizes

How to Book the Ideal Bed for your Trip

We want all of our guests to have a memorable stay with the Library Hotel Collection and be thrilled by their experience. The advice we give to future guests is all thanks to the wonderful insights and thoughtful communication shared with us by our past guests, either directly or on sites like TripAdvisor. One comment that we often hear is: “I wish I had understood more fully what type of room I was selecting, before I booked.”  Well, we’re here to ensure you have all the right information to make the best choice for your stay!

If you visit our Library Hotel Collection websites, you will see that our New York City properties have worked to provide you with all the details you need to select your best room:

  • Rooms are named to fully represent their true size. We are not afraid to tell you a Petite Room is small.
  • Multiple images of every room, and based on your requests, we are adding even more images to the site in the near future.
  • A Virtual Tour – and soon we will add links to the 360 shots that were taken by Google so online visitors can “see inside”.
  • Average Square footage/ Square Meter for each  room type
  • Sample diagram of each room type, but please keep in mind that there are some variances in layouts even within a room type.
  • Bed sizes including dimensions of the mattress sizes

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Free Summer Workouts in New York City

Many people, including many of our staff, think of vacation as a break from everyday life. It is a time when it’s okay to stop checking our emails, indulge in our favorite foods, and forget about our workouts. In fact, embracing a healthy lifestyle while on vacation can not only be fun and easy, but it can offer you some of the most unique and authentic travel experiences. It’s in these moments when you can soak up the city’s bustling energy and truly engage with the locals.  Instead of taxis and subways, think about walking everywhere while you’re in New York City: seeing the sights, shopping, visiting museums…they’re all wonderful forms of light exercise in disguise.  If running is more your style, there are so many beautiful routes to choose from including Central Park, Battery Park, and the Westside Highway to name a few favorites, that exploring the city is easier than you ever imagined.

One of the best things about visiting NYC in the summer is that there are countless ways to feel great and keep fit while also enjoying the great outdoors! We’ve compiled a list of some amazing outdoor workouts that run from June through August and promise to make you sweat. We guarantee that if you take part in one, you’ll leave with a unique New York experience that you’ll absolutely never forget! The best part is that all of these workouts are completely FREE!

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Free Breakfast at the Library Hotel Collection for the Healthy or Indulgent

At the Library Hotel Collection, we pride ourselves on the many complimentary amenities offered to our guests.  The Library Hotel Collection Signature Hospitality includes a delicious deluxe continental breakfast at each of our four (4) hotels in NYC.  The Library Hotel, the Hotel Giraffe, the Casablanca Hotel and the Hotel Elysee offer many wonderful items to help each of our visitors start their days off right!  We have countless guests that stay with us for 7 nights or more and it is our pleasure to offer a variety of items to choose from each day of the week.  Whether you are on the go and looking to help yourself to a cup of coffee and a mini muffin on your way out, or you have some time to sit and enjoy the busy city from one of our windows while sipping on a café latte and munching on a bialy, we have what you are looking for and it’s all for free!  Check out some of our ideas for your perfect breakfast every day of the week! Continue Reading