Meet the Staff: Mike Reichert, Hotel Giraffe

At the Library Hotel Collection, we are incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderfully enthusiastic team.  Mike Reichert, the front office manager at Hotel Giraffe, is no exception to this rule.  Guests frequently observe how happy our staff is and Mike has a large hand in that.  His personality is infectious.  He’s a great leader and he always has a joke to brighten your mood.  In his 8+ years with our company Mike has trained future front office managers, reservations managers and directors of sales.  He leads by example by combining a strong work ethic with an upbeat attitude.  Mike continues to charm us all with his expansive tales as he so eloquently did in this interview:

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Monkey Bar

Why We Love the Monkey Bar at the Hotel Elysee

You’ve already learned why we love Madison & Vine and Bread & Tulips, but did you know the Hotel Elysee is home to the famous Monkey Bar, an NYC staple since the 1930’s?  

The storied Monkey Bar located just off Hotel Elysee’s lobby is a must do for anyone visiting New York. In its current incarnation, both the bar and restaurant play off their infamous histories to the delight of all who enter. Once inside you immediately feel that old New York vibe, which is a rarity in Midtown these days…

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New York for the History Buff!

New York City is always changing.  Every year there are new attractions, buildings and restaurants to delight residents and visitors from all over the world.  But don’t be mislead, we are rich with history.  While visiting New York travelers can customize their own experience, interweaving our nation’s past, present and future to create the perfect trip.  Tim Gerhold, the Front Office Manager at the Library Hotel and a self-proclaimed history buff, shares with us his recommendations for a fun-filled tour of history in NYC!

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Up in the Air – Trapeze in NYC

“Forget fear. Worry about the addiction.” -Trapeze School New York

What could be more exhilarating than flying through the air alongside the skyline of New York City?  We’re hard pressed to think of something.  Trapeze School New York(TSNY) offers locals and visitors alike classes in the art of the flying trapeze at three different NYC locations.  It’s perfect for travelers as it only takes one class to get you up in the air, although they warn on their website that one class may not be enough after  you realize how tremendous the rush feels!  Hotel Giraffe’s Sales & Events Manager, Emily White, conquered her fears and took a TSNY class this August and was willing to share her first-hand aerial experience with us:

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Speak-Easy in NYC with LHC

Speakeasies were established during the prohibition era  in an effort to provide cocktails and illegal bootleg alcohol to thirsty consumers.  They were secret bars, or merely secret rooms in functioning establishments where only a few select people were invited to frequent.  The name “Speak-Easy” even refers to the quiet and hushed voices patrons would have to use while there to avoid being found.  With the re-legalization of alcohol, speakeasies began to disappear, however over the last decade New York City has seen an influx; thus allowing modern New Yorkers to revisit a unique time in our history.

Ron, our wonderful concierge at Hotel Giraffe, provides us with the ‘hush-hush-need-to-knows’ of navigating these prestigious NYC cocktail bars: 

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