NYC for Dance Lovers

Traversing the busy sidewalks of New York City can sometimes feel like a waltz with strangers. People pirouette, side step and cha cha in order to reach their destination quickly without spilling their double macchiato. Dance is everywhere in the city, and we know where to look!  Whether you want to witness the beauty of this  art form on stage or work on your own dance moves, NYC has plenty of theaters, studios,  and dance halls for you to cut a rug in or take in a show. Below we have reviewed a few of our favorite places to enjoy the magic of dance in the city!


New York City Center 131 West 55th St.


In it’s 70th season, City Center is home to many distinguished companies. The City Center Principal Dance Company, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre(pictured), and Manhattan Theatre Club all perform here throughout the year. It is Manhattan’s first preforming arts center with a mission to make the best in music, theatre and dance accessible to all audiences. Tickets are reasonably priced with some shows starting at just $18. The theaters are relatively small and provide for an intimate arena to take in the arts. Beginning Dec 3rd to January 4th, 2015 the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre Company will be showcasing their talents. Tickets are $25 a show.

Manhattan Movement and Arts Center 248 West 60th St.

Nestled on the Upper West Side is the MMAC. Rose Caiola, a lifelong dance enthusiast, opened the doors to a new beautiful airy modern facility in 2008. It’s a bi level studio theatre complex that encompasses all aspects of dance education and performance. Contemporary ballet companies dominate the fall season schedule with Ted Thomas and Francis Ortiz leading the charge. They also have a child friendly show currently running, The Berenstain Bears LIVE! Tickets for most performances are $25 and can be purchased online or at the box office.

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Five Favorite 24 Hour Restaurants in New York City

New York City is known as the city that never sleeps, so naturally, we need access to food around the clock! When you have those pesky late-night cravings we know your tummy’s are rumbling for delicious food. Pizza and diners just won’t do. You are craving something different, something filling and you want to sit down and enjoy your meal rather than standing over a counter. When visiting Manhattan, there are so many things to do and see that you might just end up needing to fit in your dinner at 2am.  I’ve listed five of my favorite 24 hour restaurants and the reasons why I love them.

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Meet the Staff: Mike Reichert, Hotel Giraffe

At the Library Hotel Collection, we are incredibly fortunate to have such a wonderfully enthusiastic team.  Mike Reichert, the front office manager at Hotel Giraffe, is no exception to this rule.  Guests frequently observe how happy our staff is and Mike has a large hand in that.  His personality is infectious.  He’s a great leader and he always has a joke to brighten your mood.  In his 8+ years with our company Mike has trained future front office managers, reservations managers and directors of sales.  He leads by example by combining a strong work ethic with an upbeat attitude.  Mike continues to charm us all with his expansive tales as he so eloquently did in this interview:

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Monkey Bar

Why We Love the Monkey Bar at the Hotel Elysee

You’ve already learned why we love Madison & Vine and Bread & Tulips, but did you know the Hotel Elysee is home to the famous Monkey Bar, an NYC staple since the 1930’s?  

The storied Monkey Bar located just off Hotel Elysee’s lobby is a must do for anyone visiting New York. In its current incarnation, both the bar and restaurant play off their infamous histories to the delight of all who enter. Once inside you immediately feel that old New York vibe, which is a rarity in Midtown these days…

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New York for the History Buff!

New York City is always changing.  Every year there are new attractions, buildings and restaurants to delight residents and visitors from all over the world.  But don’t be mislead, we are rich with history.  While visiting New York travelers can customize their own experience, interweaving our nation’s past, present and future to create the perfect trip.  Tim Gerhold, the Front Office Manager at the Library Hotel and a self-proclaimed history buff, shares with us his recommendations for a fun-filled tour of history in NYC!

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